Roof Damage Inspections

A Roofer Performs a Roof Inspection.

Roof Inspection Experts

From regular maintenance to assessing storm damage, when you’re in need of expert roof inspection in Cape Coral, FL, rely on the professionals at Rooftop Plus. Inspections will provide you with plenty of information about your roof’s condition, especially what repairs you might need. They are also an essential part of roof damage insurance claims.

For a thorough and detailed inspection, our licensed and insured professionals are the experts to contact. Set up an appointment for a free inspection today by calling 239-744-2976.

Benefits of Roof Inspection

A roof inspection in Cape Coral, FL is important because you gain valuable information about your roof that you can use to make essential decisions about maintenance and repairs.

Here are a few reasons why you might benefit from an inspection:

  • Helps with insurance claims: Inspections assess and verify damage, especially after storms and other emergencies. You’ll have a reliable document to file with your insurance claim.
  • Helps find damage: As part of regular maintenance, you’ll find out what repair options are available. You might need to have a leak patched or your roof might need to be replaced.
  • Helps protects warranties: Inspections uphold warranties.
  • Helps prepare for replacement: Roofers can assess the roof’s condition to prepare for replacement.
  • Helps with closing deals: If you are buying or selling a home, a roof inspection should be included with any home inspections to make sure all deals go through at closing.

Anytime you receive a roof inspection from Rooftop Plus you can count on its thoroughness. We check everything but especially stay aware of leaks. Leaks are one of our number one repairs, and when they go unattended can cause major problems in time, problems that can lead to costly repairs. But we are also alert for any other damages, from wind damage to damage caused by animals.

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Whether it’s part of your regular maintenance plan or you need it following an emergency, a roof inspection in Cape Coral, FL can provide you with essential information about your roof’s condition. Call us today at 239-744-2976 to schedule services.