What are the Benefits of Metal Roofing?

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How Long Does Metal Roofing Last?

If you are considering a metal roof for your home, you likely have a lot of questions. Fortunately, we have answers. Perhaps the most common question that homeowners have is how long they can expect a typical metal roof to last when compared to other common roofing materials such as shingles. The exact lifespan of a metal roof will depend on a number of different factors, including the type of metal used in your roof and the style of metal roof you choose. Along with that, proper maintenance is always necessary to ensure you get the most out of any roofing material, including premium roofing materials such as metal. However, after a metal roof installation, you can expect your new roof to last you for upwards of 70 years, though in some cases it may last for even longer. 

Is Metal Roofing Available for Homes?

Homeowners interested in enjoying the benefits of metal roofing may wonder whether it is possible to get a metal roof installation. After all, metal roofing is most commonly seen on commercial buildings. But an increasing number of homeowners are choosing to use metal roofing, and it can be a great option for a number of different reasons whether you are interested in it for a residential or a commercial roof installation. 

Will a Metal Roof Make Your Home or Building Hotter?

Another common question among homeowners is whether having a metal roof will increase the heat in their homes. That’s an understandable concern, especially in the hot Florida weather. But a new metal roof installation may actually be a great way to reduce the heat inside your home. This is because metal roofing will reflect the harsh UV rays of the sun, which can keep your home at a more comfortable temperature. This can also help to reduce your overall energy usage and the amount of money spent keeping your home cool. These are both reasons a metal roof installation can be a great investment. 

Will a Metal Roof Stand Up to Severe Weather?

Metal roofing is known as an especially durable roofing material. However, many people still wonder how metal roofing will hold up during severe weather. Common questions that people may have are whether lightning will attract metal roofing or how hail will affect metal roofing. The simple fact is that overall, a metal roof can stand up to virtually any kind of severe weather. Lightning will never be attracted to metal roofing any more than it is attracted to any other kind of roofing material. Meanwhile, metal roofing has impact resistance that allows it to stand up to hail as well as to any other type of debris that may come into contact with your roof. 

Does Metal Roofing Rust?

While it is impossible to completely prevent a metal roof from rusting, this is generally not something that homeowners and business owners will need to worry about. That is because there are a number of different products used to protect metal roofs from oxidation and rusting, including various kinds of paint and other kinds of finishes. However, because there is always the possibility for rust and corrosion to occur, it is always a good idea to schedule a regular roof inspection. This is one of the many things a professional roofer will be able to watch out for during a roof inspection. If rust or corrosion is found, it can typically be taken care of before it becomes a much bigger concern.

What Types of Metal Roofing Are There?

If you are considering a metal roof installation, you likely want to know about the options that are available to you. However, there are a few different types of metal roofing that you should know about as you consider the options available to you. These include:

  • Aluminum Roofing: This is a lightweight option that does not provide as much protection as other types of metal roofing. However, it resists corrosion better than many other choices.
  • Steel Roofing: Perhaps the most common choice in metal roofing, steel is an incredibly durable option and is available in a number of different styles and colors, making it easy to find the right one for your needs.
  • Copper Roofing: Along with the beautiful color this type of metal roofing offers, copper roofing is well-known for the incredible longevity it offers.
  • Zinc Roofing: Though it can provide incredible longevity, zinc roofing is among the most expensive options. Additionally, it tends to change color and patina over time, which may not be appealing to all homeowners and business owners.
  • Tin Roofing: While you may hear about tin roofing, this material is not actually available on the market today.

If you aren’t entirely certain which is the best choice for you, there is no need to worry. A roofer that specializes in metal roof installation will be able to work with you to find the best option for your home or building. 

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What is Included in a Roof Inspection?

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Why is a Roof Inspection Important?

As a homeowner, you have likely heard about the importance of a roof inspection. However, you may be wondering why a roof inspection is so important and what a roofer is looking for during a roof inspection. There are many different things a roofer will be searching for while they conduct a roof inspection, from potential damage to your roof to the current overall condition of your roof. However, there is one ultimate goal any time you are having a roof inspection done: preventing costly and dangerous problems from occurring with your roofing system. Keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most common questions that homeowners have regarding roof inspections. 

When Should You Schedule a Roof Inspection?

Many homeowners do not choose to schedule a roof inspection until they believe they are experiencing problems with their roof, or until they plan to sell their home. However, this can be a serious mistake. Many problems that can occur with your roofing system will not be noticeable from the ground, and they may only be noticeable by a professional who knows what to watch out for. Keeping this in mind, it is always a good idea to schedule a roof inspection on an annual basis. You may even want to schedule a roof inspection twice a year if you live in an area that often sees severe weather. Additionally, you likely want to get a roof inspection if you have recently been through severe weather, as this can cause problems to your roof that you may not immediately notice. 

Does a Professional Need to Perform a Roof Inspection?

Another common mistake that homeowners may make is attempting to perform their own roof inspection. This can be an issue for a number of reasons. As already mentioned, many common roofing problems may not be noticeable unless the individual conducting the inspection knows what to watch out for. Additionally, it is always best for the individual performing the roof inspection to do so from on top of your roof, although this can be dangerous if you don’t have the proper equipment and if you are not properly trained. 

When you need a roof inspection, it is always best to reach out to a professional roofing company. Be sure to watch out for roofing companies that come into your neighborhood offering inspections as well, as these are often companies seeking out homes where they can perform unnecessary roof repairs or roof replacements. In many cases, these companies do not even have the proper training or the correct materials to handle these complicated projects. This is why it is always best to reach out to a professional roofing company that is trusted by people within your community for anything you need. 

Do I Need a Roof Inspection for a Metal Roof?

An increasing number of homeowners are now choosing alternative types of roofing for their homes, such as metal roofing. This can be a great choice, as metal roofing is much more durable than many other options. It may also leave homeowners wondering whether they need to schedule a roof inspection. It is important to remember that even a durable roofing system such as a metal roof can become damaged over time. 

A regular roof inspection will still give you the chance to identify possible problems and give you the chance to get any roof repair you need. It is also important to remember that if your home has a metal roof, you should reach out to a roofing company that specializes in metal roofing to get any help you need, including a roof inspection. 

What Happens During a Roof Inspection?

Homeowners often want to know prior to scheduling a roof inspection what they can expect from the roof inspection process. Every roofing company will have a slightly different process, but there are a few things you can expect whenever you are getting this kind of service. Generally, your roofer will begin by conducting a visual inspection from the ground, during which they will look for any issues with your roof that are immediately obvious, such as missing shingles.

Once this is done, your roofer will use their equipment to access your roof. From on top of your roof, they will be able to get a closer look at your roofing materials as well as areas on your roof that aren’t visible from the ground. Among the things a roof inspection examines, they will watch out for:

  • Damaged flashing
  • Clogged or damaged gutters
  • Missing or damaged shingles
  • Granule loss to shingles indicating wear
  • Rust or corrosion to metal roofing
  • Damaged chimneys
  • Growth of mold, mildew, or moss

How Much Should You Pay for a Roof Inspection?

In most cases, a roofer will conduct a roof inspection for free. This includes professional roofers that you can be certain will provide you with high-quality work for the service that you are having done. 

Rooftop Plus can be there to help if you are looking for a roof inspection in Cape Coral, FL. Call 239-744-2976 to schedule your service.

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When Should You Call for Emergency Roof Repair?

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Is Your Roofing Problem an Emergency?

Finding any problem with your roof is a stressful experience. However, it can be difficult to determine whether or not the issue you are dealing with calls for emergency roof repair. It’s important to remember that you should always get help for any roofing issue before it can become a bigger problem. However, while some roofing issues can go for a day or two without roof repair, other issues may require you to seek out roof repair services right away. Fortunately, there are some things that you can keep in mind to help you determine whether you need to reach out for emergency roof repair services. 

Is Your Roofing Problem a Safety Issue?

One of the first things to keep in mind is that a roofing issue is always an emergency if it is a potential safety hazard. For example, if a roof has collapsed or if it seems to be on the verge of collapsing, a homeowner should reach out for help right away. Doing so can prevent a potentially dangerous situation from developing. Other situations that could be potentially dangerous include a tree that has fallen onto a roof or major weather damage to your roofing system.

Can Your Roofing Problem Damage Your Home?

Another thing to remember is that a roofing issue can be considered an emergency if it has the potential to cause damage to your home. For example, an especially large leak may not initially seem like a dangerous problem. However, a large leak can quickly cause structural damage to your roof as well as to other areas within your home. Additionally, excessive water in your home can lead to the growth of mold and mildew, which can be a health hazard. In cases like these, it is best to prevent further damage and to reach out for emergency roof repair immediately, even if the problem you are experiencing does not seem dangerous.

What Should You Do in a Roofing Emergency?

If you have found yourself dealing with a need for emergency roof repair, you may be wondering what you should do as a homeowner while you wait for a roofing company to arrive. One of the first things to remember is that you should always leave any roof repair to the professionals. Never attempt any kind of roof repair yourself, especially if you are dealing with an emergency issue that has the potential to be dangerous. After calling for professional help, a few things that you can do include:

  • Identify Safety Issues: Among the first things to do after calling for a repair is to check the area around your roof for potential hazards.
  • Cover Leaks: Only a professional should go onto your roof. However, you can still use a tarp or similar material to cover areas such as spots on your ceiling where a leak is causing problems. 
  • Reach Out to Your Insurance Company: If you have homeowner’s insurance, you will likely want to reach out to them to begin the process of making an insurance claim. A roofing professional can help with the process of making an insurance claim as well, including providing you with documentation of your roofing damage. 

Though dealing with a major roofing problem can be a challenge, taking the necessary steps can help the process go much more smoothly. 

What Causes Most Roofing Emergencies?

One last thing every homeowner should keep in mind is that the best way to deal with a roofing emergency is to prevent a roofing emergency from occurring. It is not always possible to prevent emergency issues with your roofing. Issues like a fallen tree limb or severe weather will always lead to a need for emergency roof repair. 

However, other common causes of roofing emergencies include problems such as homeowner neglect. Even a seemingly minor roofing problem such as a loose or missing shingle can quickly lead to major damage if it is not taken care of. Another common problem that can quickly become an emergency issue is a roof that is nearing the end of its lifespan and in need of replacement. 

You can prevent many of these issues by scheduling a regular roof inspection. During a roof inspection, a professional will examine your entire roof seeking out damage along with problems such as wear and tear. This will give you the chance to get any roof repair that you need before it becomes a potential threat to your home. 

Take Care of Your Roofing Emergency

Dealing with a roofing emergency is never a pleasant experience, but it doesn’t need to be stressful. By working with a team of professional roofers, you can get the problem taken care of quickly and ensure that it isn’t able to cause any further issues to your home. If you believe you are in need of emergency roof repair, the best step that you can take is always to reach out to a certified roofing professional to get the help that you need right away. 

Rooftop Plus is here to help when you need emergency roof repair in Cape Coral, FL. Call 239-744-2976 to schedule your services.

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