Metal Roof Installation and Repair in Cape Coral, FL

A Metal Roof Instsallation

Metal Roofing Experts

Metal roofs have become popular for residential roofing. It’s easy to see why. Besides being durable and having a long life—50 years or more—you can get metal roofs in a variety of styles and colors. If you want an experienced team for metal roof installation in Cape Coral, FL, you need to look no further than Rooftop Plus. Schedule an initial consultation by calling 239-744-2976.

Benefits of Metal Roof Installation

Rooftop Plus provides metal roof installation in Cape Coral, FL because we recognized their versatility and durability. These roofs last 50 years or longer and you get plenty of options.

Here are more benefits of metal roofs:

  • Variety of styles: You can shape metal roofs to look like shingles or tiles. You can also install snap-lock standing seam panels
  • Variety of colors: Modern metal roofing also comes in a variety of colors to fit any home design.
  • Variety of metals: You can choose metals including aluminum, galvanized steel, and copper.

Standing Seam Metal

Standing seam metal is often preferred by many homeowners. It’s offered in many lengths, widths and thicknesses. For residential roofing, snap-lock standing seam is the most common choice. Like all standing seam, the fasteners, which snap together, are concealed under the seams of the interlocking panels. This protects the fasteners from weathering and damage, lessening the chance of problems like leaks.

Metal Roof Repairs

While metal roofs are durable and low maintenance, they are still subject to wear and damage. But, when you need metal roof repair in Cape Coral, FL, our experienced crews will have you covered, no matter the problem. Of course, one common problem metal roofs experience is rust, often caused by leaks. While our skilled professionals can patch leaks or replace rusted panels, one option some take is a roof coating. Elastomeric coatings like silicone or acrylic are applied over the roof and create a barrier against leaks. They are also reflective and benefit your home’s energy efficiency.

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When you choose Rooftop Plus for metal roof installation in Cape Coral, FL, you’re getting a trusted team of local and experienced professionals on your side. Schedule us for an initial consultation by calling 239-744-2976.